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When the user navigates from one page to another, SvelteKit calls your load functions, but only if it thinks something has changed.

In this example, navigating between timezones causes the load function in src/routes/[...timezone]/+page.js to re-run because params.timezone is invalid. But the load function in src/routes/+layout.js does not re-run, because as far as SvelteKit is concerned it wasn't invalidated by the navigation.

We can fix that by manually invalidating it using the invalidate(...) function, which takes a URL and re-runs any load functions that depend on it. Because the load function in src/routes/+layout.js calls fetch('/api/now'), it depends on /api/now.

In src/routes/[...timezone]/+page.svelte, add an onMount callback that calls invalidate('/api/now') once a second:

	import { onMount } from 'svelte';
	import { invalidate } from '$app/navigation';

	export let data;

	onMount(() => {
		const interval = setInterval(() => {
		}, 1000);

		return () => {

	{new Intl.DateTimeFormat([], {
		timeStyle: 'full',
		timeZone: data.timezone
	}).format(new Date(}

You can also pass a function to invalidate, in case you want to invalidate based on a pattern and not specific URLs

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