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In the first chapter on routing, we learned how to create routes with dynamic parameters.

Sometimes it's helpful to make a parameter optional. A classic example is when you use the pathname to determine the locale — /fr/..., /de/... and so on — but you also want to have a default locale.

To do that, we use double brackets. Rename the [lang] directory to [[lang]].

The app now fails to build, because src/routes/+page.svelte and src/routes/[[lang]]/+page.svelte would both match /. Delete src/routes/+page.svelte. (You may need to reload the app to recover from the error page).

Lastly, edit src/routes/[[lang]]/+page.server.js to specify the default locale:

const greetings = {
	en: 'hello!',
	de: 'hallo!',
	fr: 'bonjour!'

export function load({ params }) {
	return {
		greeting: greetings[params.lang ?? 'en']

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