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Part 2 / Routing / Pages

SvelteKit uses filesystem-based routing, which means that the routes of your app — in other words, what the app should do when a user navigates to a particular URL — are defined by the directories in your codebase.

The routes are located within src/routes. Every directory within which contains a +page.svelte file creates a route in your app.

In this app we currently have one route — src/routes/+page.svelte, which maps to /.

Let's add a second route, src/routes/about/+page.svelte, which maps to /about:

	<a href="/">home</a>
	<a href="/about">about</a>

<p>this is the about page.</p>

We can now navigate between / and /about.

Unlike traditional multi-page apps, navigating to /about and back updates the contents of the current page, like a single-page app. This gives us the best of both worlds — fast server-rendered startup, then instant navigation. (This behaviour can be configured.)

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