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Part 4 / Advanced routing / Rest parameters

To match an unknown number of path segments, use a [] parameter, so named for its resemblance to rest parameters in JavaScript.

Rename src/routes/[path] to src/routes/[...path]. The route now matches any path.

Other, more specific routes will be tested first, making rest parameters useful as 'catch-all' routes. For example, if you needed a custom 404 page for pages inside /categories/..., you could add these files:

├ categories/
│ ├ animal/
│ ├ mineral/
│ ├ vegetable/
│ ├ [...catchall]/
│ │ ├ +error.svelte
│ │ └ +page.server.js

Inside the +page.server.js file, throw error(404) inside load.

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